We assist and inform people intrested in donation to science.

Headquartered in Pedreguer, Spain our neutral non profit organization (in formation) working under "denia.live" is focused on assisting and helping people that search for a better and cheaper solution for the unfortunate fate that always has to come.

We’re all expats, one day we’ll eventually pass away. However, we do not talk about it in advance… Culture is changing rapidly and young people don’t visit graves anymore. So that leaves a question, why would you have a grave in a foreign country that nobody is going to visit?

Fortunately, there is a solution. People live longer here, the air we breathe is purer and less polluted that in other countries because of the lack of industry. Universities need human remains for study and exploring purposes. So, our advice in an answer to the question is a noble and altruistic gesture to mankind, donate your remains to science. It is the simplest and cheapest solution of all and the best part is we can guide you through it.